AT&T’s 5G network launches next month but it’s too early and here’s why

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AT&T is working onto bring a true 5G service to millions of customers this year. Definitely not LTE-based 5GE Evolution (5GE network) where some customers thought it was actual gonna run 5G network. At this time, they will roll it out 5G service for everyone and it will happen in the first half of 2020. Indianapolis, Pittsburg, Providene, RI, Rochester NY and San Diego will be first cities to start with 5G network then additional 10 more cities coming soon, including New York, Boston, and San Francisco.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus will be their first 5G smartphone for customers to experience it. But customers shouldn’t expect it to show full 5G network everywhere since it only will be limited to several cities. The pre-order for this one via AT&T will be on November 25th.

In order to have true 5G service, customers will need to subscribe to either AT&T’s Unlimited Extra or Unlimited Elite plans which is pretty expensive about $75 or 85 per month for a single line. We have contacted AT&T whenever they plan to offer the plans specifying for deaf/ hard of hearing customers only. We’re waiting to hear from them sometimes soon.

AT&T is not the first major carriers to offer 5G network. Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint have announced it early. Here’s the photos where they do offer 5G in the areas.

Verizon 5G Cities

Atlanta, GAMinneapolis, MN
Boise, IDNew York, NY
Boston, MAOmaha, NE
Chicago, ILPanama City, FL
Dallas, TXPhoenix, AZ
Denver, COProvidence, RI
Detroit, MISioux Falls, ID
Houston, TXSt. Paul, MN
Indianapolis, INWashington, DC

AT&T 5G Cities

Atlanta, GANew Orleans, LA
Austin, TXNew York City, NY
Charlotte, NCOklahoma City, OK
Dallas, TX
Orlando, FL
Houston, TXRaleigh, NC
Indianapolis, INSan Antonio, TX
Jacksonville, FLSan Diego, CA
Las Vegas, NVSan Francisco, CA
Los Angeles, CASan Jose, CA
Louisville, KYWaco, TX
Nashville, TN

T-Mobile 5G Cities

Atlanta, GALas Vegas, NV
Cleveland, OHLos Angeles, CA
Dallas, TXNew York, NY

Sprint 5G Cities

Atlanta, GALos Angeles, CA
Chicago, ILNew York, NY
Dallas-Fort Worth, TXPhoenix, AZ
Houston, TXWashington DC
Kansas City, MO/KS

We do not recommend anyone to go for 5G smartphones right now due to only cities and limited 5G network service. There are several blogs believe that Apple is working onto bring its first 5G network into the next generation iPhone in 2020. By that year of Fall 2020, we believe that four major carriers: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint should have plenty of more cities to offer 5G network.

Some of our team do remember that when we received our first LTE network smartphones before 2012, we actually thought it should be available to everywhere and became bit confused how they worked. Till we started researching about how LTE worked, we fully understood everything. What we had learned from that time, it’s extremely important that we as deaf/hard of hearing customer would need to wait and see how many cities we have and when it’s ready to get new one with 5G network. We went ahead to get iPhone 5 which has its true LTE in the fall 2012 since we strong felt that there were enough cities to support it at that time. It’s perfectly sense that Apple would rather to wait till Fall 2020 to release its first 5G iPhones and ensure that we all can be satisfied with it in more cities.

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