Apple Store to Come to WTC in 2014


Apple has been finalizing lease for World Trade Center retail location.  Apple is bringing their fifth store to Manhattan.  The store will open its doors sometimes next year.  The expansive shopping center will include handful other stores such as Theory, Victoria’s Secret, etc.  Stay tuned for more news!

Apple Announced that iPhone 5 ‘by far the most popular iPhone’

Even though iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S did well in the past, iPhone 5 has done extremely well.  iPhone 5 is their best selling smartphone.  Data released this week found that the iPhone 5 accounts for just 50% of all iPhone sales while the iPhone 4S commands for about 30 percent of iPhone devices.  In Japan, the iPhone is the top selling smartphone.


Source: Apple Insider

News : Angry Birds Star Wars sequel to launch Sept. 19.

Yesterday, Rovio announced the news that shook the world. They are going to launch the Angry Birds Star Wars sequel this September 19th. This game will be different from all existing Angry Birds games. How exciting! To view the video, go to the link below :

Rumor: Apple to launch redesigned iPad mini this year, Retina model in 2014

We can look forward to the launch of next iPad mini.  The second generation iPad mini will launch this later this year.  It will have a thinner and lighter design but Retina display will have to wait until next year.  It’s possible that the thinner design may not support Retina display this time but we can expect to see improved technology for next year.  Stay tuned!Image

Apple’s iPad outperforms Samsung in South Korea tablet ranking for three consecutive years

According to AppleInsider, Apple’s iPad is having a lot of success in South Korea, the home of two giants, Samsung and LG. iPad has earned the highest costumer satisfaction rank for tablets. It has happened for third year in a row! The rankings were reported by Kim Tae Woo of BetaNews. Based on the report, Korea’s domestic tablet market is not hot but growing.

Source: Apple Insider



JetBlue chooses Apple’s iPad for its flight decks


According to AppleInsider, JetBlue has chosen Apple’s iPad for its flight decks.  The pilots who fly for JetBlue are being trained to use Apple’s iPad for various tasks such as weather, flight planning, and airports.  They can access the WiFi network via satellite.  It is much quicker to use tools via iPad than old fashioned methods.  A few days ago, American Airline has chosen Apple’s iPad.  That’s an incredible news!